Symphony BBQ Custom Design Outdoor Kitchens and Islands. Unique, affordable, BBQ Islands. These custom built BBQ Islands or outdoor kitchens can be easily constructed by following my DIY BBQ Island manual, or DIY BBQ Island plans. The site contains BBQ Island photographs. You can easily build your own BBQ Island with these best plans. Once installed, your BBQ Island or Outdoor kitchen will greatly enhance the value of your property. The Build your own BBQ Island Manual, or self build BBQ Island will direct you to build your own BBQ Island.
Symphony BBQ - Builds Custom Design Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Islands and will build you a beautiful, new outdoor kitchen, custom designed to the specifications of your home.  Each BBQ Island or Outdoor Kitchen is unique, and at a fraction of the cost of a factory built unit.  A Symphony BBQ designed outdoor kitchen will significantly increase your backyard recreation time, apart from increasing the value of your home.

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Symphony BBQ
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A Custom Designed Outdoor Kitchen or BBQ Island limited only by the power of your imagination.
*NEW SECTION* Happy customer's finished DIY BBQ Islands
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