This DIY BBQ Island Manual is a "Build your own BBQ Island Instruction Manual",  intended for the DIY enthusiast to build his own BBQ Island.  This DIY BBQ Island Manual is not an instruction manual for building "A" BBQ Island, it does not contain BBQ island plans for you to copy and build.  Instead, it is an Instruction manual for showing you how to build ANY BBQ Island.  This DIY BBQ Island Manual is an instruction manual giving you the knowledge of how to build BBQ Islands around your dreams and imagination.  With this DIY BBQ Island Instruction Manual you will have all you need to even start your own BBQ Island Building business.  I'm giving you my knowledge and experience, showing you the steps and tricks to help you design any shape BBQ Island.  If you can imagine it, you can use this BBQ Island Design Manual to show you how to accomplish your dream.
DIY BBQ Island Manual ---  Page 12